Route 7 Review - Page 148

from far, but I see her eyes. Every time I visit Gabby’s face. “I’ll be back with your mum.” He her, I see the sorrow, I see the loneliness. I see hoped. If Joey had already sent her out, he would the glimmer of hope that you’ll come back from never find her. Joey liked to keep his ‘property’ the dead. She is not better off without you Sean. locked in basements. Part of her is missing. She still has the ring you made for her.” *** Sean stormed into Joey’s restaurant; a front for “She does?” he asked taken aback. his cocaine and prostitution business. He went “On her finger.” she informed him. “Shave that to the back room, shoved open the door, and el- scraggly beard from your face and go to her!” bowed the guard who stood behind it in the nose. He shook his head. “I can’t. I have to go.” “Joey!” he bellowed. He walked briskly pass the *** giggling cocaine-riddled lingerie-clad girls to Sean approached the skyscraper and saw Gabby Joey’s office. He yanked open the door, he glared outside playing with the ragdoll he’d made for at Joey, and then looked sternly at Adette who her. Adette and her eight-year old daughter had sat in a chair wearing a shock and embarrassed joined the community of outcasts two years ago, expression. “I told you not come back here!” after her husband had died. Leaving her with a “Oh boy! Our friendly neighborhood vig- huge debt. They’d been evicted from their home. ilante decided to pay a visit, or do you go by “What are you doing out here by yourself G? Where’s your mum?” ‘Ruby Face’?” “Shut up Joey! We’re leaving Adette.” Gabby bit her bottom lip. “She said not to tell “She’s not going anywhere Scarface. We have a you.” business deal to close.” The hairs on the back of his neck stood erect. “Deal’s off.” “Of course you can tell me. You can tell me any- Adette stood. “I shouldn’t have come here again. thing G.” he coaxed. I made a mistake.” “She said no one wanted to hire her. She Joey stood. “Darling you came here of your went to see Joey.” own freewill. You said you wanted to work for “I told her to stay away from that guy!” he said, me again, and that’s what you’re going to do. I’m frustrated. “Go inside Gabby.” not letting go so easily this time. I think you’ve “Is my mum in trouble?” overstayed your welcome, Ruby.” “If she’s with Joey she is. But I’ll protect her.” A hand clapped on Sean’s shoulder. He he added when a fearful expression came across looked at the guy and chuckled. “Clearly you’re