Route 7 Review - Page 145

Flawed Perfection By: Tonya Lovell Sean gazed at the picture under the light want him. No one expected anything from him of the flickering streetlight of the woman he but trouble, and he’d given it, plenty of it. But was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. then he’d met Rosa, she’d seen something good But circumstances had made a future with her in him, just as his foster mother had. So, he’d impossible. He was a hideous monster, and she decided it was time for him to turn over a new thought he was dead. The boy she loved no leaf. He’d shipped out the day before Rosa was longer existed; he had died in the explosion. to leave for university. She’d come to see him He would never forget the sight of the disfig- off, he’d promised to write her, and she’d given ured bodies that surrounded him; he would him her photo and had told him to promise that never forget that they’d died because of him. he would come back to her. He’d kissed her and The scarred, hollow man that had replaced him told her that he would. was not worthy of her love. The great plan he’d But he couldn’t go back to her, not like this. constructed to keep them together had ended He didn’t deserve happiness, and his scarred up tearing them apart. He should have listened face had guaranteed that. He put the photo to Rosalie’s parents; he should have broken it inside his jacket, and pulled the hood of the off and walked away. Instead, he’d asked her jacket more securely over his face and walked to marry him and she’d said yes. He’d given down the street, pushing away the guilt he felt her a ring made of foil, wire and sanded glass, every time he thought about Rosa. It was better promising to buy her a real one as soon as he this way. Sean turned his head sharply when he returned. He’d enlisted in the army; he’d want- heard a scream coming from somewhere in the ed to prove to Rosalie’s parents that he was alley that was stripped of light because it was worthy of their daughter, and he’d wanted to the victim of malfunctioning streetlights. The earn Rosa’s love, although she was willing to dull moonlight was its only foe. He squinted, give it freely. Rosa had a bright future ahead and made out three struggling silhouettes. With- of her. He was the kid whose parents didn’t out hesitation, he dashed into the alley in attack