Route 7 Review - Page 113

lost smile. His doctor heard about the fish battle until could tell the story himself. The hospice nurse heard bits and pieces of how beautiful the trees and the water and the sky were that day. But what touched her heart, and why she wrote, was Walt never spoke of his guide. Not once. He told everyone he went fishing with his friend, and his friend’s name was Mark. He stepped over to his corkboard full of pictures and found the old man’s leathery face. Memories of the day returned as he stared at the picture, absently running his thumb over the cover on the fly wallet, smooth and shiny. The phone rang and Mark glanced at it for a moment, knowing it was his neighbor calling to say that kickoff was only a few minutes away and the beer was cold. He slipped the fly wallet into his pocket and shrugged on his fleece jacket as he crossed the room. He found his rod behind the door and switched off the light behind him, stepping into the chill and turning up his collar as he walked toward the dark, rushing water. John Solomon is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer, and his work has appeared in Sandy River Review, The Meadowlands Review, The Pines Review, Bugle, The Wire Harp, and a dozen national magazines. His story “Rings on the Water” won Honorable Mention in the 2012 Art Affair Fiction contest and he studied creative writing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. He currently resides in New Mexico.