Romsdalseggen brochure Romsdalseggen brochure 2018 - Page 6

Romsdalstrappa was built by Sherpas from Nepal in 2013/2014. The trail is more durable thanks to these impressing stone steps. Rampestreken, 550 masl. When you arrive in Vengedalen you can see the majestic Vengetindene forms the backdrop in a unique landsca- pe of natural variety. It’s like walking in a fairytale. The panorama on top of Romsdalseggen gives you a 360 degrees breathtaking view to some of Norway’s greatest mountain peaks. Romsdalshorn, Kongen, Dronningen, Bispen og Trolltindene. You will also enjoy the great view over the Romsdalsfjord, even to the islands in the outer coastline with Ona Fyr and the Norwegian Sea.