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Romsdalseggen - normal route One of the most amazing hikes in Norway is situated in Romsdal, next to Åndalsnes. Breathtaking views, spectacular lands- capes, and a fantastic hike experience is waiting for you at top of the Romsdalseg- gen ridge. The hike starts at the car park in Vengeda- len. Follow the road a short distance. The start of the trail is on your right hand side just before the bridge. Follow a well marked trail up the hill. About halfway up the hill- side you cross the waterfall over a bridge, and the path continues on the left side of the river. When the landscape flattens you can see the rear side of the Romsdalseggen ridge. The trail continues along the streamlet. This is the last chance to fill the drinking bottles with water, in case you don’t carry any water. At Jamnåbotn the path divides. Turn left and follw the trail up the boulder in the slightly steep mountain side, to the top of the ridge. You will be rewarded with an amazing 360 degrees view. To get an even more spectacular view you turn to the left on top of the ridge, and follow the signpost to Blånebba. When you reach the summit, the view takes your bre- ath away. This extra summit takes another hour, but it’s definitely worth it. Follow the path towards Åndalsnes. You basically walk on the ridge all the way back. It gets steeper through Halsaskaret. A short passage before you reach Mjølvafjellet consists of steep and rocky mountain walls to climb, but it’s secured with chains in the most exposed parts. This part can be challenging for some. You should not suffer from a solid fear of heights on this route. At Romsdalseggen ridge the path has a good cover of vegetation. You will be wal- king on top of the ridge, mostly fairly broad, and the path is good. Gentle descent from top of Mjølvafjellet to Nesaksla, then a steep descent down to Åndalsnes. From Nesaksla you walk down the Romsdalstrappa, stone steps built by Sherpas from Nepal. Feel the air under your feet at Rampestreken viewpoint. Take your time on the last kilo- meter. This can be a tough one. Be prepared for a muddy and sometimes slippery experi- ence, and aching knees. Children and dogs This is a long and exhausting hike, and it is not suitable for children younger than 10 years. Younger children should be used to hike longer distances and be steady when walking in rough mountain terrain. In the steepest parts the dog must be carried. The dog should be in a healthy condition and energic.