Romsdalseggen brochure Romsdalseggen brochure 2018 - Page 10

Romsdalseggen via Høgnosa - a longer, but less exposed route If you choose the alternative hike Roms- dalseggen via Høgnosa you avoid the steepest part of Romsdalseggen. But you can still enjoy a breathtaking view as you connect with the normal route at the top of Mjølvafjellet. From start follow the same route as descri- bed for Romsdalseggen normal route. At Jamnåbotn when the two paths divides you continue straight ahead towards Kaffikjel- bua. After you pass the small cabin Kaffi- kjelbua cross the river, and follow the creek on the left side for a short while. The trail takes off to the left and up the steep hillside. On the plateau the path divides. The path to the left leads you to Romsdalseggen, and the path straight forward is a shortcut to Nesakskla and Åndalsnes. Turn left and cross towards the Romsdalseggen ridge on a rocky path that goes slightly upwards. Make sure you follow the red painted marks on rocks and cairns as you proceed towards the top of the ridge. Final traverse to summit crossing the scree gully. At the top of Mjølvafjellet the view is specta- cular, and you’ll see Vengetindene, Troll- veggen, Trollstigen, Kongen, Dronningen, Bispen, the Romsdalsfjord and Åndalsnes. At this point you connect with the normal route. Duration time for this hike is expected to be at least 1 hour more than the normal route. The hike is 2 kilometers longer, and is also more exhausting. But it is a good option if you want to avoid Halsaskaret, the steepest part of Romsdalseggen normal route.