Rodeo Fame Fall Issue 2018 - Page 42

BUSINESS PROFILE Photo by Vern Howell STETSON FROST MAKING HIS UNCLE LANE’S NAME A BADGE OF HONOR Three years ago, Stetson Frost, nephew of the late Lane Frost, designed a hat with his uncle’s emblem on it. He figured he would just give it away. Little did he know the popularity of the hats would launch him into the apparel business with Lane Frost merchandise in over 400 stores nationwide. “We do about five thousand hats a month. It just snowballed. I just did it because I'm just a huge fan of my uncle and always thought that I'd like something of him, so I would assume the fans would as well,” Stetson said. “I saw that there was some potential, but I didn't know there would be this much potential. I didn't know this would be my full-time job. I didn't know that this would be all that I do. I didn't know I'd be on the phone all the time with orders and customers and fans. I just saw an opportunity and didn't know it was going to do what it has done. I thought maybe a few extra bucks here and there, no big deal. But eventually I had to quit my day job.” Every day the Frost family is surprised by the popularity of Lane. to grown men in professional sports. And Grandma [Lanes mother, Elsie Frost] is always like ‘I can't believe people still want stuff and still enjoy stuff.’ It's awesome they do, but it's like ‘wow.’ It'll be thirty years next year since he passed. That is not counting since he was born and had his career. So the longevity of the impact he made has pretty much been astounding.” Stetson and the Frost family have a few stipulations for wearing the Frost brand. “Skill is important, but character was my big thing,” Stetson said. “Character is very important and how you treat the public and your fans. Because that was who Lane was and I want my athletes to portray that. I mean we have guys who are in the top ten in certain sports that hit us up. But I hear that they're rude, that they're jerks. If I hear bad things about them and I can back it up with other instances I know about, I have no desire to work with them. You can win the world, but if your character is not there, I don't care.” “We get about fifty sponsorship applications a month. And tha