ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 9

ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 PAGE 9 Torben Enevoldsen Hello Torben and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on your release of your PINNACLE POINT “Winds Of Change” album. Please tell us about how you started PINNACLE POINT and what other artist is involved in this. Thanks a lot. Well, Jerome Mazza and myself met each other on Facebook and quickly became friends. We started discussing the possibility of working together and Jerome then sent me a few of his song ideas. I loved them and started working on them right away. We began sending ideas back and forth and before long, we had more than enough material for a full album. You can say that it was at that particular moment that Pinnacle Point was born. We needed a good drummer so I asked my good friend, Dennis Hansen, to participate. He loved the material and was in on the idea right away. The three of us are the main band. Howard Helm, Dan Orlando and Cara -C are all special guests on the album and adds a lot of flavor to the songs. Please name some of the tracks and what they are about. ”Damage Is Done” is roughly about having done somebody wrong and having to face up to that, although it’s hard. “Changes” is about being stuck in your life, being frustrated and in need of a change. “Part Of Me” is about having lost true love and trying to come to terms with that. Pretty much all of the songs on the album deals with the subject of love in one way or another. Who did the CD artwork for “Winds Of Change” and do you give the artist ideas or do you let them just create freely? A Swedish artist named Carl-André Beckston did the artwork. We have actually worked together now for more than 10 years. Sometimes I do have somewhat specific ideas in mind, but it’s mostly stuff like color or mood, so I still very much feel that I let André create freely and I only weigh in on minor details really. I always look forward to see what André comes up with and I am yet to be let down. You also keep busy with other bands like Acacia Avenue, Fate, Fatal Force & Section A. What other projects are you working on right now? I am currently working on a new all instrumental album and I also write and record for other artists and do session work. There’s always a lot going on. Are you recording any tracks for other artist’s release this year? I am involved in various projects right now, but I am not able to give you any specific details just yet, sorry. You have your own studio called ”Funny Farm Studios” in Denmark. Have you ever recorded other bands or just your own music? I do work with other bands and artists in my studio once in a while, but it’s not often. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I am always busy working on my own projects so I rarely have the time. What plans do you have for 2017? Jerome is going to sing a couple of songs on the new Acacia Avenue album and later on this year, we expect to start working on new songs for a brand new Pinnacle Point album. Thank you for taking time for this interview any last words to the fans? My pleasure. I hope that everyone will check out our new album and stop by our Facebook page for various updates: Jerome Mazza Dennis Hansen