ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 60

PAGE 60 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Hello Ailafar and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your future release of your new CD “Heartbeat” on Perris Records. Please tell us about a few tracks from this release. Hello dear Rocknation and all fans and readers! This is John Tzortzis (songwriter/guitar player) First we would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here and for your kind support. Of course we would like to thank Mr Tom Mathers and Perris records for making us a member of Perris Records family and for giving us the chance and support to release this album. I think all the members would agree that this album will be our best release so far. This is because the songs turned out great and we had our best production so far. You have some very special guest on vocals please tell us about that. Yes that’s right! First we have Mr. Steve Overland of FM!! He did an amazing job on our song “Dream Date”. This happened after I met him in Athens last April when FM rocked the place there! They were all great and very kind. I asked him about it and gave him our “No Limits” album. So after he checked us and listened to some new happened! We are very happy and proud! Also very important is that we had vocal guests from some beloved friends of ours. We had Dean Mess of W.A.N.T.E.D, Kelly Blake of Jailcat and Konstantin Maris of Forbidden sin. Konstantin is actually the younger brother of our singer Elisabeth. They all did a great job and I personally thank them from my heart! Please tell us about the studio and recording of this release. Well, the whole recording took place at Valve Studios here at Thessaloniki under the skills of our dear friend Strutter who engineered and mixed the album. Strutter owns the studio and I’ve met him actually when he opened it in 2010 and I’ve been recording there since then. He’s a really stand up guy and very talented. He’s a great touring musician himself and he understands exactly how things work with small and big bands. So he does an excellent job. We had a great time making this album and we all absolutely satisfied and happy with the result. I must say..he had a big patience when I was recording guitars! (hahaha) Next album will be recorded there as well! Hang on Strutter! What can fans expect to hear compared to your previous CD releases? I believe those who have our two previous releases (which we dearly thank for their support) will be more pleased with this one. Of course this is what I would like to believe. This album is a bit harder from the previous ones and more solid. Elisabeth has done a great job on vocals and so the rest of the band. This is an album I always imagined it and I also think that these are the best songs I’ve written so far and thanks to all the talented people it came to life!