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ROXY BLUE PAGE 54 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Hello Roxy Blue and welcome to Rocknation. Hey this is Todd Poole from the band Roxy Blue. First of all I’d like to say thank you for having me on this interview, it is a pleasure to be here. Your band has a connection with Jani Lane, please tell us about that. I remember the first time I met Jani Lane, I was playing a bar called Rascals in Memphis Tennessee, and after we got done playing the bar owner came up and said Jani Lane from Warrant would like to meet you and talk to you. Of course I didn’t believe him at first but then I went up and met Jani and he was super cool. He wanted to talk to me about helping the band with management. He said he loved the band’s performance and energy and thought that we could do something in the music world. I know we drank tons of tequila so it’s a miracle that I remember anything about that night. He invited all of us to go to the Warrant show the next night at the Mid South Coliseum. We met all the guys and from there we all developed a long lasting relationship. I remember we flew to LA and just hung out with Warrant for a week or so. I developed a really close relationship with Jani and would hang out with him at his house and play guitar and write songs. He was a great songwriter. Unfortunately we ended up going with Doug Thaler and Top Rock Management Motley Crue’s manager. Jani’s passing was very hard on me He was a great guy. The world has lost a great talent, I still stay in touch with my friends in Warrant. The band hooked up with MÖTLEY CRÜE’s manager Doug Thaler how did he help the band? After signing with Tom Zutaut ( GNR, Motley Crue, Tesla) and Geffen Records, finding the right management was very important. Tom suggested Doug Thaler ( Motley Crue) Doug and his Top Rock Management team came to see a Roxy Blue performance to a sold out show and we were immediately signed. Doug was an amazing person and an awesome manager. He was very hands on with our career decisions. After the Westwood One broadcast at the world famous Troubadour, Roxy was scheduled to hit the road with Motley but unfortunately that tour never happened. Being connected to Doug Thaler (Top Rock) and Tom Zutaut (Geffen) definitely had its perks. We were able to go to all the cool parties and hang with all the top Rockstars. We got VIP to all the cool clubs. Life was good!!! You worked with a well known producer Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses,Whitesnake, Triumph) what did you learn with him in the studio and how well did he work with the band? We met with a number of producers to record our record but in the end Mike Clink was the perfect match. Mike was super cool to work with. He was all about capturing the band’s live energy in the studio. Mike has a great ear for tones and a great sense of placement. Mike and the band really became close friends. I think it was important to Mike to know who we were and where we were coming from musically and emotionally. Mike did work us hard and pushed us to get the right performance but he always made sure the sessions were fun. He had a ping pong table brought in and set up at every studio we worked in except at Steve Vai’s studio. We would have tournaments in between sessions. Working with Mike also had its perks. We had allot of cool rockers drop by the studio to say hello ( KISS, Motley Crue, Warrant, Slaughter, Jimi Jamison, and Faster Pussycat to name a few) Mike Clink will always hold a special place with Roxy Blue. I think what I learned most from Mike was to always stay true to the music. I still live by those words today. Please tell us some cool stories about touring the USA with Babylon A.D. and Wildside. Stories of the road. There are just too many and I wouldn’t know where to start. I mean everyday was a new crazy adventure. We didn’t really hang too much with Babylon AD when we were out on tour with them but all the guys were really cool. It’s just by the time they hit the stage we were knee deep into something else. Rest time then meet and greet then party on the bus, and then off to the next show Lol. Pretty much how it went. And with our brothers in Wildside along for the ride it was double trouble. A full blown 24-7 Rollercoaster ride. Good times. Roxy Blue would often break from that tour and go open for other acts or do MTV. Seems like there was always something going on. Interviews, photo shoots & live radio performances. We stayed super busy all the time. If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you mention? I’m not really sure how to answer the question of who do I think our music sounded like. I think allot of people heard references to early VH. I know that we all had different influences but I don’t remember trying to sound like anyone. I do think we got caught up a little in the glam rock scene more than I would’ve liked. But I did f#cking dig the LA rock scene at the time. The music was cool and there was allot of energy, a great vibe going on. Our label Geffen also had big things going on so we were excited. New GNR and. new TESLA releases. But then soon, somewhere in the mix I heard a new band Geffen signed. NIRVANA. As much as I didn’t want to, I absolutely f#cking fell in love with the Nevermind cd. I noticed soon after that release that the scene on Sunset strip started to change. I mean it was kinda crazy how everything just sorta changed overnight, at least that’s how it felt. I think at that point allot of bands were questioning their future and even their own identity. It’s like the record labels just closed the book on that chapter of music. It’s as if they forgot about the people that made them millions of dollars. But with that said evolution is real. Things must change to grow and survive. 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