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PAGE 44 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Hello Sammy with Red Reign and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to you going on tour with TESLA later this summer. This must be a dream come true for you and the band. Please tell us some details about that. The Tesla shows ARE a dream come true. You grow up watching these bands and seeing them live and now you are sharing the stage with them....It is such a surreal feeling and we are so excited and ready to rock with Tesla in Ft Wayne, Cincinnati and Grand Rapids, Mich. You are working with one of the most known publicist Chip Ruggieri (Rob Halford, Iron Maiden) of Chipster PR, how has that opened the door for your band? Signing on with Chip has changed the whole realm of this band. Chip is a true honest gentleman, that we are so privilege to work with. He is the biggest part of why we are here opening for Quiet Riot and Tesla. He has put us in touch with all the right people along the way and everyone has had a hand in the final product..... I would say we are the luckiest band out there right now with Chip on our team. Your band just released your self titled EP which you worked with Grammy-nominated producer, David Ivory. Please tell us some details about recording it. WOW, the recording process was so much fun. When Chip hooked us up with David Ivory, it was another dream coming true. With all of David’s credentials, you would think when we walked in the door it was..”Hey, guys...Its my way or no way at all”, but David was different. He liked our material. and instead of changing what we were doing, he enhanced it and made the songs flow rhythmically and made them ready for a more mainstream listening audience. Please name some tracks and what they are about. One of the EP’s standout tracks is the “Not That Way” (which will be performed at the upcoming shows), which the band’s McMichael describes as “one of those songs that is about a love gone bad and then the girl realizes she made a mistake in our relationship and wants to get back into the same relationship she poisoned. But the guy has gotten over her and moved on.” Other tracks include “Chains” (“About the feelings of being held back and looking for that escape”), “Toxic” (“The feeling of hopelessness in a relationship”), “Red Reign” (“The anger side of a relationship”), and “What is Love For” (“About you pouring yourself into a relationship, knowing it’s not going to go far”). If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you mention? I am not sure if we “sounds: like another band, BUT we put alot of our influences in our music and I think you can hear those sounds in our songs. Influences: Van Halen, Dokken, Queensryche, Aerosmith.....And other bands from that genre. Where has the band has played concerts and other bands have you appeared with. We have played a few shows here in our hometown (Richmond, Va). We played in Hopewell Va last Dec with Lita Ford. On June 23rd we will be in Lynchburg Va, supporting Quiet Riot, and then 1st week in August its off with Tesla. What plans do you have for 2017? So whats next in 2017. Well we are still working on some additional shows after the Tesla dates. Also, We will keep promoting the band, continue to look for shows AND we have already started writing for the next album. Thank you for taking time for this interview any last words to the fans? Once again, Thank you for having me and helping to spread the word on Red Reign. All I can tell fans is, if you enjoy Hard Rock and Roll, pick up the EP and then come to a show, grab a beer and lets all talk after the show. FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: