ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 42

PAGE 42 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Hello Nick with The Spiders and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your release of your single “Election Day”. What inspired you to write that song? Thanks Tom, “Election Day” was written about the 2016 Presidential Campaign and all the rhetoric regarding Trump and Clinton. I really fed off all that energy and really took advantage of this incredible moment in time and I really feel I captured it well. You have a new single called “Another Mile” please tell us about that song and recording it. “Another Mile” is our newest single & video we just released and we are very excited about this tune also. It really is about running, resiliency, and the drive in all of us to achieve our goals. If you had to tell someone what your music sounded like, what bands would you mention? I really feel we are totally unique, some have compared us to Poison & Green Day. I don’t feel we really sound anything like them. Where has the band has played concerts and other bands have you appeared with. We really have been headlining shows on our own. What plans do you have for 2017? We plan to keep recording and get back to performing live in the fall. We really have been playing shows non stop since September of 2016. We like to take a break in the summer. Thank you for taking time for this interview any last words to the fans? We really would like everyone to check out our website at which has all our info, additional music and videos. We encourage everyone to share our music and videos for both “Election Day” and our new song “Another Mile”. We are really proud of both!