ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 40

PAGE 40 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Perris Records is proud to announce the CD release of Italy’s premier hard rock heavy metal band “THE STEEL”. THE STEEL “The Evolution of Love” features eleven studio tracks recorded in true rock & metal form. THE STEEL formerly known as WIZARD released 4 demos “We Can Do It” 1988, “Shiver And Shake” 1990, “Carved The Rock” 2010 and “Straight To The Unknown” 2014 . WIZARD also had tracks released on two compilations “Surgery Of Power” 1989 and “Rocka In Musica” in 2012. Hello THE STEEL and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your band on the release of your “The Evolution of Love” album on Perris Records. How long has the band has been together and how did you form the band? First of all, we’d like to thank Rocknation Issue 24 for this interview. The band has existed since the ‘80s, it was formed by me, Tiziano Favero (also known as Roy Zaniel), and Rino Musella; a friend introduced us when we were very young and we’ve immediately become close friends and, with our first guitarist Santo Carrotta, we decided to form a Hard Rock band. We’ve changed several band members through the years and now, since 4 years, Marco Perrone is our guitarist. We’re considered an important band in the Italian metal sector for our long existence. Please name some of the tracks and the story behind them. “W3/79” is the first track of our album: the title stands for Wizard (our band’s previous name), 3 as the members of the band itself while 79 is a reference to the year the band was formed, 1979.“The Evolution of Love” is the first track we made with Marco, that’s why we chose it as the album’s title. Later we also decided the album’s cover should have been inspired to the song itself.“Take Me Away” is a song we composed in a few minutes; it was rather easy and spontaneous for us to write it. We think that, among the album’s tracks, “Take Me Away” is the one that suits the most for being transmitted via radio. “Metaphysical Journey” is an instrumental track, we composed that because we wanted a track which would sound similar to Rush’s music.