ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 30

PAGE 30 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Hello CYANIDE 4 and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your band on the release of your “Nekyia” album. This is your 2nd album on Perris Records How long the band has been together and how did you form the band? The idea of forming a neoglamohardrock band was at the table since 2006. It took 2 years to make it happen and in may of 2008 the band was formed and instantly recorded the first 4 track demo we named it complex. Please name some of the tracks and what they are about. Songs like ‘Getaway’, ‘Rock n roll hero’, ‘She-mystery girl’, ‘Love me when I’m dead’ and ‘Restless’ included on our new album Nekyia. ‘Getaway’ is about how Christianity gained the battle of religions back in the day by the sword not by peoples free will. ‘Rock n roll hero’ is about someone that has tried a lot in his life to fulfill his dreams but without any luck. Then he decided to sell his soul to the devil to make it happen. ‘She-mystery girl’ is about a female demon half a human and half a monster with birdlike claws and serpents tail that lives inside a person’s mind, been fed by his emotions and his passions, more like the demon succubus. ‘Love me when I’m dead’ is about eternal love without boundaries that even death cannot stop it. ‘Restless’ is about the flame that burns inside us,some of us we are really determined to suck the juices of life, taking chances and live it, not lie it. Why did you pick that name “Nekyia” for your CD title? Nekyia is a chapter of the odyssey where Odysseus visits the world of the dead to find Mantis Tiresias and ask his advice in order to find the way back to Ithaca. The hero was so determined to return to his kingdom that he even visited Hades without any fear. So is about learning from the dead which was really inspiring at that time cause we were possessed about matters around death.