ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 23

ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 PAGE 23 How did you find your cover model Brin Amberlee Dillon for your artwork? Brin is awesome! Despite all her “hotness” she’s a total badass and completely down to earth. For your readers who may not know who she is, she’s the modern-day version of what a supermodel used to be. The difference now is everything is Internet-based. She has something like 1,000,000+ followers worldwide. Brin and I actually got to know each other through my wife Kelly. Kel’ is a nail tech but she’s also a rockstar in her world. You’ll never hear her talk about this but she’s done everyone’s nails from Mariah Carey down to Olivia Newton John and Brin happens to be one of her friends and clients.The reason we decided to go with Brin “other than the obvious” is because there’s a theme running through the cover art of the singles and it will all come together when the actual album is released. All the photos by the way were shot by a brilliant photographer named John Charles of “Rebellion And Truth” John has shot just about everybody worth mentioning in the industry and he also does work for the Grammys. Your bass player Adam Kury has a track record with you in other bands right? Absolutely, You should know, you were there the first time we met. Back in the early 90s Cherry Street was playing the Los Samanos festival in San Antonio Texas. There were three bands on the bill that day that I remember. Us, April Wine and Legs Diamond. Adam was the bass player for Legs at the time. We became friends and have been ever since. Adam and I have worked on a number of projects together including Boneyard and now Angels In Vein. We definitely want to get out and tour this thing but the priority is to get the record finished up first. It’s challenging because of everybody’s prior commitments and scheduling conflicts. Taz has Blue Ocean Music and is constantly producing, recording, and engineering different bands as well as AIV. Plus, he’s the guitarist for Union Underground so he has a lot on his plate. Adam is the bassist for Candlebox who have been doing quite a bit of touring and he’s also a brilliant engineer. Troy has been out pretty regularly touring with Gilby Clarke of Guns N Roses band, The Raskins and there’s a new White Lion tour going out from what I’ve been hearing. Then there’s me, I moved to Las Vegas seven years ago and I’ve been home maybe a total of one year since that time. I mostly perform for Legends In Concert as Steven Tyler but I also have an Aerosmith tribute band called Aeromyth that keeps me busy every down moment I’ve got. That’s actually how this whole thing came about. I needed to do something original just to get a break from the tribute thing. That’s why I called Taz in the first place. Out of the gate it’s really just been a labor of love. Nobody expected it to blow up the way it did. We never intended it to be about timelines. We just wanted to write great music with no rules. That all changed when Stacey Blades and Eric Stacy heard the tracks that Taz and I had already recorded and asked to be part of the band. Suddenly it went from, “The record gets finished when it’s finished” to, Holy shit, we’ve got to get this done! We need to get out on the road....It became more about agendas then the music. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing fingers but when you’ve got guys that have been on the road for 15 years and that’s how they are used to making their living it’s going to come up. There’s no blame here it just wasn’t working for everybody on all levels so now things are pretty much back to the way we intended them from the beginning. What plans do you have for 2017? Right now I’m performing nightly at the Legends In Concert theater in Myrtle Beach South Carolina through the beginning of September. I’ve got a recording studio with me so while I’m here the band is working on getting the record finished up. We’ve got enough strong material to actually take it live now. So hopefully we’ll be able to make time to sneak in some live shows. We’ll continue dropping singles until the album is ready to go and the plan is to release it In it’s entirety. Not only in a digital format but on vinyl as well.After that, we’ll just see where it takes us! Thank you for taking time for this interview any last words to the fans? It’s been a real pleasure. We have a loooong history together and I love seeing that you’re doing so well! As far as the fans go, Thank you so much for all the support. Without you, there wouldn’t be an us! You can check out the band at.... Angels In Vein on Facebook We’re also on Instagram and you can find music and videos on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.