ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Cover Issue 24 - Page 14

PAGE 14 ROCKNATION ISSUE 24 Hello TEQUILA SUNRISE and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your band on the release of your “ Danger Zone” album on Perris Records. How long has the band has been together and how did you form the band? Hi, thank you very much. First of all, we would like to say that we are very proud of our signing with Perris Records, we think it is a good opportunity for us. Perris Records has gave us the chance to get into the American market, something quite difficult for us if we would not have the support of an american label. That someone like Perris believes in what we do, makes us to feel that everything is starting to get sense. CECI - The band was founded around 2010-2011 and for almost four years we were doing auditions for singers, but we did not find exactly what we wanted. While we were still looking for a singer, we continued working and composing more songs and playing covers. Once we got the band closed, we decided to go to the studio to record Nasty Habits, our first work. After that became concerts, rehearsals, and we started thinking about the recording of Danger Zone. Please name some of the tracks and the story behind them. CECI - “Danger Zone” is a song about the need for a radical change. People should stop talking about things and take action, take initiatives and become aware that we’re all a great force if we decide to take the right way together. “Stay on the Wild Side” was one of the first songs that we composed for this album. It´s like a bullet in your brain, it’s something like the rock version of the expression carpe diem. Invites to forget the old social stereotypes. The wild side is all those things that we want to do sometimes and we can’t or we don’t dare. Somehow it’s like being a reckless kid again. Jorge - The rest of the songs face different angles, withdifferent approaches. “Risk It All” is all about love while “She” talks about a very different kind of relationship. “My Way (Or The Highway)” talks about the fact that is you who should control your life your own way. “Coming Home” is an ode to the self-conscious- ness that sometimes you need to return to your roots… as you can see each song is its own world.