ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 PAGE 9 Albin Ljungqvist Mats Levén Rob Moratti If you had to tell someone what Acacia Avenue sounded like, what bands would you mention? That’s a difficult question. Acacia Avenue is a mixture of many things really, but some of the main influences are Journey, Survivor, Toto, Dokken and Giant. You also keep busy with other bands like Fate, Fatal Force & Section A. How is this band different than those bands? Acacia Avenue is very different in concept and style. It is my personal melodic hard rock/AOR outlet if you will. This is where I get to write and record softer and harder stuff side by side. I like that a lot and I also have several singers participate on each album. I like to have that freedom and variety. It’s very freeing in a way and I love that. You have your own studio called ”Funny Farm Studios” in Denmark. Please tell us about that including how you came up with the name. “Funny Farm Studios” is not a huge studio with a large recording and mixing console, but I have all the equipment and space I need to be able to create anything I want. That’s the important thing, plus I am able to work here 24/7. There are no restrictions whatsoever, so that gives me a lot of freedom to create, write and record whenever I want to. The name is just a joke, based on the fact that it’s located on an old farm. What plans do you have for 2016? I am currently involved in several projects, so my main focus for 2016 is writing and recording new material. I am writing for a few different artists, as well as for a new Acacia Avenue album and a new all instrumental album, so I expect to be spending most of 2016 in the studio :-) Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? My pleasure. I hope that everyone who reads this interview will check out the new album and please stop by my personal website for updates on my various projects: Andy Engberg Steve Newman Dennis Hansen Torben Lysholm