ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 PAGE 7 Broken Teeth has some new merch “BREAKER-BOX” and “Bulldozer” CD. Please tell us info about them. Broken Teeth has some new merch “BREAKER-BOX” and “Bulldozer” CD.Please tell us info about them. Bulldozer came out October 2015, we did some parties for it, and it’s doing pretty well. The cover songs on the record are special in the way that in the recent passing of Lemmy from Motorhead, was a shock, but the fact that we covered “the Hammer”, gives the record immediate omage to Lem. The other cover was Aerosmith’s “Lightning Strikes”. came out awesome. The Broken Teeth songs on Bulldozer, two had been previously released,Devil on the Road ,featured Travis Weiss on bass, and the record is dedicated to his memory and time with the band, as well as “Flamethrower” was released as a single in 2014 ,piggybacked with a video for that track. the other material, The Rough and the Tumble, red River Rising, and Raining Fire, are killers, no fillers. Another cool factor, the record was released on Vinyl . We have not had that til now. Breaker Box, is all six releases up to Bulldozer, in a box with a free sticker and a free patch. The entire carreer of Broken Teeth up to now, so to speak. You can get those items at What Dangerous Toys and Broken Teeth plans do you have for 2016? Dangerous Toys, play more shows. Broken Teeth- we are recording a full length follow up release as we speak. 10 songs in the can already. No release date, or track listing has been released to the press as of yet. Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? Believe in rock n roll, it can and will save your soul. the songs that don’t make your heart beat faster, should be easy to ignore. pay attention to the songs that speak to you, it is your language universally.