DANGEROUS TOYS PAGE 6 ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 Interview with Jason McMaster Hello Jason and welcome to Rocknation. Dangerous Toys performed on the recent Monsters Of Rock cruise. Did you have any cool moments meeting some fans walking around that never saw you live before. Yes sir, the fans and bands together on a cruise is cool. All together rocking on the high seas. As a fan, it cannot get better than that to be able to approach the artist. Most fans are very respectful and treat the artists normal, not very often someone is kinda creepin. It’s a big festival on the water, whoever thought of that is a genius. Kinda saving rock n roll. Not really any stories, just good rock n roll for five days straight. What was some highlights on the cruise? For me, all the cruises we have done have had alot of the same bands, kinda bores me in that aspect, but..this more recent, was the fact that I got to see D. A.D. whom I had never seen before but I am a huge fan!, I also saw Metal Church, it had been years since I’d seen them. As well, I saw Armored saint, I am a huge fan for years and years now. I got the chance to see the band in Houston and took some photos in this issue. How many shows did you do before the cruise? Two, Houston and Austin. We played more shows last year in a short amount of time, than we have in years. We plan on ramping that up even more.