ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 PAGE 31 My favorite tracks are two rocker’s called “Never Enough” and “I’m Over You” and a killer ballad called “It’s Time I Told You Goodbye”. Please tell us about those songs. “Never Enough” is actually the first song Mark and I wrote together. It’s got a killer groove to it. The guitar, bass and drums are just slamming throughout the whole song. Vocally this song is all upper range stuff. It’s a really fun song to sing and I got to do a couple of really cool screams in it. I’ve always been a fan of guys like Halford and Sebastian Bach so I love when I get to hit some high notes and do a little screaming! ”I’m Over You” is another cool song. Mark wrote all the lyrics and music on that one. The chorus has a great hook to it, super catchy. My favorite part of the song is the solo section. The whole song picks up in tempo during the solo and the guys are just locked in with each other. It is so intense, sounds like a freight train running off the tracks!! Really glad that you like the ballad “It’s Time I Told You Goodbye.” Some bands don’t like doing ballads but I’ve always enjoyed doing them. They can be a little tricky sometimes. I’m super critical of our work and I feel that we’ve done a couple of good ballads in the past but there’s been a few we’ve done where I think we fell short. It made me a little hesitant this time around, I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to do a ballad on this cd but once we started working on it my mind changed really quickly. It’s got this really cool intro with acoustic guitar, piano and strings and then it builds to this huge sounding chorus. I’ve only played the cd for a few people but so far everyone I’ve played it for seems to love this song so it looks like we got it right this time! Your band plays many shows including festivals all over the USA. Please tell us about some of the ones you’ve played. We spent so many years on the road touring all over the USA. We opened up shows for Whitesnake, Kiss, Poison, Ratt, Warrant, Cinderella, Skid Row... I could go on and on listing all the bands we’ve opened for. As far as the festivals, we’ve done Rocklahoma, the South Texas Rock Fest, the Muscle Racing Fest in Florida. We’ve done a ton of them through the years. The past few years we have been staying local, playing in our home state of Georgia and the surrounding states in the southeast. We had planned to hit the road again a few years ago when our last cd “Show No Mercy” came out. We were booked on a 13 week festival tour with a bunch of other bands but the promoter ended up pulling the plug on it. Our plan now is to put together something to promote the new cd. We are already talking with some venues in Vegas and Los Angeles so it’s looking like we will string together some west coast dates. We are also looking to do some more festivals and hit some cities in the midwest and northeast where we played a lot years ago. Of course we have to hit Texas again too, always love playing out there!! Who were your influences growing up? In the beginning it was Aerosmith, Nugent, AC/DC, Kiss, Zeppelin, Sabbath. Then I got into all the 80’s stuff. I loved so much of the music from that era. Motley Crue, Skid Row, Cinderella, Warrant, Poison, Dokken and of course the metal stuff like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio. So many great bands from that era influenced me, I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of them. Who are your favorite singers? Early on it was Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. The 80’s guys who influenced me the most were Dio, David Coverdale, Sebastian Bach, Tom Keifer and Jani Lane. Jani was such an underrated singer, that dude had some pipes on him! Haven’t really been influenced by anyone recently except Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. I know it may sound weird for a guy to be influenced by a female singer but that girl is incredible. Best rock singer I have heard in the past 20 years. What plans do you have for 2016? We just shot a video a few days ago for the song “Liar” from the new cd. We are gonna debut it a week or two before the cd is released. We plan on doing at least one more video, possibly two. As I mentioned earlier, we are definitely looking to hit the road a little and play some of the major markets again. The summer festival season is wrapping up so we will have to wait until next year for that. We played some casino gigs earlier this year and also performed on a cruise ship so we definitely want to do some more gigs like that, we had a blast!! Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? We can’t wait for everyone to hear “Love, Hate and Deception.” We sang and played our hearts out and I think it really shows in the songs. We are super proud of this one. We also wanna thank everyone who comes out to the shows and rocks out with us week after week, we appreciate all your support. 2016 so far has been an amazing year, looking forward to what lies ahead!!