PAGE 30 ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 MAD MARGRITT Hello Eddie Smith and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats on releasing your new studio album called “Love, Hate and Deception” on Perris Records. What direction did you take on this release compared to the others? We had an awesome time writing and recording this cd. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio. We didn’t plan out anything as far as how the songs should sound or what direction we should go in, we just went in and recorded whatever we were feeling. There were no rules, we just did whatever felt right. The end result was a very fresh, raw and energetic sounding cd. Everything we wrote was spontaneous and in the moment. Lyrically there were a lot of things going on around me at the time to draw inspiration from. There are songs that deal with betrayal, anger, jealousy and a few other topics that I haven’t really touched upon before. It’s a little darker than what I usually write but I wanted the lyrics to be honest and reflect what I was going through and the things that I was witnessing around me. All of the songs have a common theme to them which is how I came up with the title “Love, Hate and Deception.” Every song in one way or another deals with one or more of those three topics. Musically the guys just killed it, they all played their hearts out and came up with some amazing sounding stuff. I think the biggest thing for me is even though it’s a very raw, aggressive sounding cd, the songs still have a ton of hooks. In my opinion, it’s by far the best stuff we have ever written. We are so excited for everyone to hear what we came up with this time around. We definitely took everything to a whole new level, it’s Mad Margritt on steroids and I promise it will definitely get your adrenaline pumping! You have a new guitar player please tell us about him. His name is Mark Cook and he is absolutely amazing on the guitar! Not only can he shred but he is a total wild man onstage. He is also one of the best songwriters I have ever met. I had such a great time working with him on these new songs. He has his own recording studio so we actually recorded the new cd at his place. He engineered and mixed the whole thing. He also writes songs for tv and movies. His songs have appeared in a ton of shows including “Nashville”, “Grimm” and “Lost” to name a few.