PAGE 28 ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 JESSE DAMON Photo by: Ron Boudreau Hello Jesse Damon and welcome to ROCKNATION. Congrats on releasing your 6th Solo album called “Southern Highway”. What direction did you take this release compared to the others? Hello ROCKNATION, thanks for having me! It all started back in 2009 when I started jamming with another guitarist friend. We would get together and jam on our acoustic guitars and would play all sorts of old blues songs and classic rock covers.We were playing blues with a southern flair and the sound was heading in a cool direction.As time went by I came up with some original ideas so I put together a band to see where it would go.I called a couple guys I knew and we formed the band Electric Caravan. Together we shaped some of the material that I wrote back when the band first started 2009. This led me to write more songs which would eventually end up becoming a new solo CD influenced by this new sound. My favorite tracks are “Southern Highway” and “You Got Me Rockin’”. Please tell me about writing these songs what they mean to you. The songs on “Southern Highway” each have a strength and solidity that fit together well. Combined together they connect 3 genres that form this mood and sound of the CD. The song “Southern Highway” takes you on a journey and has a memorable riff in it that stands out and makes you tap your toe. “You Got Me Rockin’” is a southern rock feel with the power and impact of any of my previously written songs from before this release, it’s a southern melodic rock song. Do you have a process in writing your songs? Does it change with working with other artist? When I write songs I want them to tell stories that take you somewhere and I want my songs to have a good arrangement. In writing this new album I had different influences coming at me from working with different musicians. So yes, it does change in working with different artists and musicians, andI take away what I like from it and create new material. There’s something that I will always consistently bring to the table and use within my song writing structure, but the different people I choose to collaborate with, perform together with or just have some jams with help to influences me.