ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 PAGE 25 Who were your influences growing up? Probably a bit of this and a bit of that... We are all more than 45 years old. We grew up influenced by bands from the seventies and eighties like Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, AC/DC, etc. Anyway, we love any kind of music, from the classical one to jazz, blues or rock. It doesn´t really matter the type of music when it sounds good. Your band is from Spain. What is the music scene like there? Spain is not the best place to play melodic rock and especially the AOR. I do not think we have much in common with the typical or traditional Spanish rock bands. Most of them prefer to play a radical rock and they sing in their mother language. What national bands have you played with? We played with Los Rebeldes a few years ago and recently with Hard Dreams. What plans do you have for 2016? We are currently writing new songs to get back to the studio to record a new work as soon as possible. We are also working hard to extend our set list for the next shows and preparing several performances in Spain, quite probably also abroad which will be confirmed soon. We feel very excited and like our own song tell” here we are again” and we hope that it will be for a very long time. Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? Thank you very much for your interest Tom. We hope you will enjoy the next album as much as this one, if you enjoyed it... Best regards, to you and all the staff of Rocknation.