LoReLey PAGE 24 ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 Hello Loreley and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your band on having your new album titled “Here We Are Again” on Perris Records. How excited are you to see the fan response to the new CD? Thank you to contact us Tom. To answer your first question, we are quite surprised by the good acceptation and critics we have received about our last album from the listeners, the musical press and radios. Actually, we are just friends who play rock n’ roll together since a long time and it´s fantastic to keep on sharing our passion with anyone else. Anyway, the best feeling is on stage. Please name some of the tracks and what they are about. The songs deal about different things like facts of life, thoughts, feelings, love and pain, etc. “Here We Are” for example is about getting together after ten years of inactivity, “Looking Away” is a song that deals about the way we deal with the world today and the terrifying future we are leaving to our children. The track “No limit” tries to explain that the only limit is the one of the imagination, “Dirty Dream” is about an artificial world we are creating for tomorrow (or maybe it is already here) and “Mr. Money” or “T.V. Business” are about the role that money plays in society in every moment and for most of us, the fact that unfortunately, in my opinion, the verb to have is getting more important than the verb to be. Your band has toured in Switzerland, Germany and France. That is amazing please tell us about that. The band was born in the eighties in a small French town nearby the Alps close to Geneva (Switzerland). Then, thanks to our geographical location we lived in France but very close to Switzerland and Germany, included Italy. We have found memories from those old times. When you travel, you realize that music is probably one of the best ways to communicate with the others. Like Queen Song said: One Vision. If you had to tell someone what your band sounded like, what bands would you mention? We are obviously influenced by several bands we grew up with but we do not try to sound like any other band in particular or being in fashion. I think our songs are pieces of each one of us, a kind of mix of all those bands we like. Every song of the record is different from the others I guess and you probably can feel the spirit of the band and its influences in each one of them.