ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 PAGE 21 If you had to tell someone what your band sounded like, what bands would you mention? We usually say it’s a mix of KISS and Journey. Your band is from Stockholm, Sweden. What is the music scene like there? It’s pretty good. There’s a lot of great bands and quite a few places to play... If you wanna know more about the scene, you should check out some of the regulars. My favorites are Rymdhissarna, Mother Kasabian, Supralunar, Carubine and Wildness. What is some of the music you listen to now? Blackmore’s Night, Del Shannon, John Mayall, Helloween... the new albums from Ace Frehley and Joe Bonamassa. I’m also waiting for the new album by Imperial State Electric. That should be a good one! What plans do you have for 2016? We’ll probably write and maybe make another video during the summer, more gigs in the fall and then go back into the studio. As much as we like the new album, we can’t wait to make another one. Keep your eyes on our website at for all gig listings. Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it. Don’t forget to give our new video “Divided Feelings” another spin until we manage to put together another one.