HELIX PAGE 2 ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 Interview with Brian Vollmer Hello Brian and welcome to Rocknation. Helix performed on the recent Monsters Of Rock cruise. Did you have any cool moments meeting some fans walking around that never saw you live before. I met many fans of the band on the ship and it was a blast talking to them all. One of them, who’s name was Mike, met us after the cruise when we were in Venice, Florida and we all went for a meal together. What was some highlights on the cruise? The highlight of the cruise for me was our first show. We lucked out when Larry Morland (the promoter) gave us the main stage on the upper deck by the pool on the very first night. The weather was perfect, the crowd was in party mode, and the band played one of our best sets ever...Luckily, I brought along my regular sound man Neil Fenske, which made a huge difference in how the band came off that night. I had one of the guys from Madam X come up to me to say how good he thought the band sounded and “...where did you get that sound man?” LOL. Was there any bands you saw for the first time live? Yes. D.A.D. They were blowaway. Made me a fan for life. Your music is featured on one of my favorite TV shows “Trailer Park Boys”. The actor “Ricky” (Rob Wells) is big Helix fan in real life. Any cool stories you can tell us about knowing him. The Trailer Park Boys are huge in Canada and now their popularity is spreading world wide. They told me that the first time they went to England there were line ups for their shows. The last time we played in Halifax Rob Wells, who plays Ricky on the show, took me for a personal tour of Swearnet Studios. I filmed it all. That night he joined us onstage to sing Rock You. All three of the guys are as down to earth as you’ll ever find. I think that’s why I love ‘em so much. There was also another night when we went out and partied at Bubble’s club with Alex Lifeson from RUSH. It was the night before we filmed our parts in Countdown To Liquor Day, their second movie. Things got pretty out of hand, let’s just leave it at that.