PAGE 19 ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 Who are some of the special guest on this record? Well, the band behind this album is actually “AlogiA”. Once again, Nikola Mijic (AlogiA/Eden’s Curse) sung almost the whole album and did an amazing job. The first plan was to gather many guests, but I changed the plan, because of the chance to play live. But, however, I still have a couple of special guests here. First to mention is Bobby Koelble, who played in the past some legendary solos for the band “Death”, that actually inspired me to start playing solo guitars. When I was a little boy I was fascinated by the album “Symbolic” (“Death”) and I am still the big fan. Beside being an amazing musician, Bobby also appeared to be a great man and friend and I believe we will work more in the future. I would love to. I would also mention one of my best friends, Andjela Isic. Wonderful girl and singer. My long time internet friend, Santiago Dobles of “Aghora” did a guest solo and also Nikola Di Gia from Italian band “Il banco del mutuo soccorso” did some acoustic guitars... also, my friend IP Maesstro did some bass stuff here. If you had to tell someone what your band sounded like, what bands would you mention? This album has it’s AOR side and it’s progressive side. So, let’s say: it’s calculating between TNT and prog metal/rock bands (Dream Theater/Shadow Gallery) depends on a song. You have played some huge concerts in Serbia please tell us about that.
 As a member of the band “AlogiA”, which is a kind of my “motherband”, I toured all over Balkan and played in hundreds of cities all over. I also had the oportunity to perform on some of the biggest festivals in Balkan (from Bulgaria to Slovenia) and also last year on “Animal Live Aid” in Rome (Italy), that happened on the main square “Piaca del Popolo”. We also opened for some cool bands such as Whitesnake, Savatage, Apocalyptica, Paul DiAnno... . What national bands have you played with? As a producer I had the chance to work with many bands and I did the dozen of guest solos. But beside doing some guest-stuff, I became the member of some other bands and projects, well known in Serbia (AlogiA, Despot..). I am so happy that I also had the chance to perform as a guest musician on Shadow Gallery’s latest album, “Digital Ghosts”. I also enjoyed working in the project called “Samurai of prog”, which is a tribucy to prog rock 70’s music. Another great project coming soon is “Vivaldi metal”, leaded by my friend Maestro Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson band). “Vivaldi metal” will gather many cool musicians from bands such as “Sympohony x”, “Helloween”, “Stratovarius”, Marko Boals...
 Who were your influences growing up? Maybe the greatest influence was Iron Maiden and metal/rock music of 80’s. What plans do you have for 2016? During this month, we will be touring and promoting this album. The tour starts in Bulgaria, on “Polinero Festival” and continues with 7-8 dates through Italy. The crown of the tour will be the promotion of the album in Rome and also opening for Russel Allen (Symphony X) in Rome (Italy). And this will not be all, as we already have some unrevealed dates for autumn. Beside promoting this album live during the year, we will be working on some videos very soon. So, there will be a lot of stuff happening. Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? Thank you, Tom. And huge thanks goes to all of you people who took some time to read this. I know that it is hard to find some time and space in the dozen of internet information that swamp us daily. Thanx for considering me worth enough for spending some time on me and giving the chance to my words. I know the time is precious, time is all that we really got.