PAGE 18 Srdjan Brankovic Expedition ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 Hello Srdjan Brankovic and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your band on having your new album titled “Expedition Delta 2” on Perris Records. How excited are you to see the fan response to the new CD? This really is a kind of special album for me. Composed and written without the sense of responsibility towards any borders, it reflects only what I really felt at the moment of realisation. I made it in the traditional way. It is about real instruments, real singing and playing, natural drums. No triggers and simulations, no auto tunes and I can tell that I really enjoy the naturality of this album. I am excited, because I truly love these songs and I am also very trilled and curious about the fan reaction, as the songs gather variating styles, but are still strongly connected. I think that fans of AOR and prog metal/rock will love it. WouldPhoto like by: to Ron sayBoudreau thanx to “Perris records” for recognizing us as a talented team. We are proud to be a part of their family. Please name some of the tracks and what they are about. “Spectacular” - We usually treat ourselves so high, and while having the expectations about our lives to be spectacular, we miss the real opportunities. You should do just what you feel and it doesn’t need to be surely spectacular. And if you do what you feel and what you love, you’ll be spectacular. That’s the message of the opening song. “Thank you for the good times” - I believe that meaning of life is about having some good time and it is up on us to try to make it as good as posible. The real blessing is when we meet someone who can turn our ordinary day into “special times”. Someone who has been there beside us and marked the special times of our lives. This one is dedicated to those who shared with us these beautiful moments, and are not with us anymore. “The one who lives a dream”- as long as we have dreams, our energy will be positive. When it is hard, if we have the dreams to follow and fantasies to dream about, everything becomes easier. Even if it is just an illussion, it’s still the precious thing, as it keeps our spirituality safe. Do not ever forget the child from which you grew up. “Do you remember Peter Pan? He waits for you where fantasy is reality, but you need to be the one who lives a dream”. Please tell us about the recording process for this record. The music for this album is composed in the different time periods. From 2008 till 2015. Through the years, I have been working on demos, till the moment when my friend Ip Maesstro pushed me to start working seriously on it. Last year, one of my best friends, PR and manager from Rome, Paola Ceci (I see her as one of the most important band members, although she doesn’t play), she heared and liked the songs such as “Thank you for the good times” and “Spectacular” and she was like : “you should finish this...” So, during 2015 the band gathered, I met with Nikola Mijic (AlogiA/Eden’s Curse) for vocal recordings and we started working on it in the studio to have the final result in the beginning of 2016.