ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 PAGE 13 Your band is from Italy. What is the music scene like there? Not very good, labels, TV, radios are living on Talent Show and people eat what you put in their plates. The underground scene still offer good rock bands, but there’s no place for this genre in Italy. Italians listen mostly to Pop music and Italian singers. What national bands have you played with? Except Wine Spirit (who released their amazing debut album via Perris Records) we mostly played with international acts as said before. What plans do you have for 2016?
 On May 28th we will be special guests at the Ian Paice concert in Milan and we will present our new album “Bigger, better, stronger”. Later on we’re planning to play and promote the album as much as possible. Do you want us to play in USA? Thank you for taking time for this interview and last words to the fans? Thanks to you, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you guys and thanks for the opportunity to connect again with all great Rocknation’s readers! We really hope you’ll enjoy our new album and see you on the road again! A special thanks to all our fans and friends who waited for us during those 8 years!