PAGE 12 LIZHARD ROCKNATION ISSUE 23 Hello LIZHARD and welcome to Rocknation. Congrats to your band on having your new album titled “Bigger, Better, Stronger” on Perris Records. How excited are you to see the fan response to the new CD. Hey, we’re happy to talk to you and all Rocknation’ readers again! After many years we are very thrilledPhoto to know by: Ron what Boudreau people think of our new album and we hope to reconfirm the good reviews of our debut album. Your last Self Titled CD was release in 2008 with rave reviews, what has the band been up to since then? Well.. lots of things happened! We toured Europe opening for bands like White Lion, Glenn Hughes, Bonfire, Eric Martin from Mr.Big, Soul Doctors and more. Then while we were working on the new album back in 2010, our singer Luke had some personal problems and he had priority over other things. We waited him for almost 3 years, then we all had to take the hardest decision and we decided by mutual agreement to separate our ways. It tooks more then 6 months to find a new singer and most of all.. the right person. We had offers from all over the world and it was amazing to know how much love and interest in Lizhard there was all over the globe. Obviously logistics is a main fact and we were lucky to find a great singer from our country. You have some new members in the band, please tell us about them. Mario Mosca is the new frontman, he’s an amazing singer and a great guy! He worked and studied for years with Michele Luppi (Whitesnake). He’s got an hard rock - blues background and he also appeared as singer in some musicals in theaters. There’s also a guest guitarrist, Andrea Lanza from Skill in Veins who helps us during live shows.