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He continued releasing excellent recordings following this style, including a second part of "Land of the Free", but the band was beginning to diminish, and a lack of ideas became more latent.

But this year 2010 brings us the return of the master Hansen, an icon of the European Heavy Metal, with an excellent new album entitled "To the Metal". Gamma Ray did not disappoint us this time: the album is very good, and delights us with one of the most spectacular and explosive starts that I can recall. The song "Rise" is pure power metal.

But the disc does not follow that line only, but also approaches the classic heavy metal sound, which makes it more varied and interesting, even comes close to the Helloween sound of yesteryear in the song "All You Need to Know", and how not to do so if they have Michael Kiske on vocals in a duet with Kai that will surely be remembered for a long time.

It's a very even album: all the songs are almost at the same level, direct and without fuss; the hymn "To the Metal" reminds us of Judas Priest (the controversy is given), and also the fast song "Rise","Time to Live", among others. Henjo Richter is playing so great, and gives us great solos, and Dan Schalchter and Dirk Zimmermann -bass and drums respectively-, provide us a solid base, and it is interesting to note the inclusion of some keyboards.

Based on this, we can say that it is not definitely the best Gamma Ray album, but it is not the worst. Is an easy-listening album and moves in many passages and somehow gives a new freshness and vitality to the band. I'm sure most people will enjoy it (just like I did myself). Gamma Ray is back, with the gentleman Kai Hansen at the head.

Track listing of

“To the Metal”:

1. Rise

2. Deadlands

3. Mother Angel

4. No Need To Cry

5. Empathy

6. To The Metal

7. All You Need To Know

8. Time To Live

9. Shine Forever

10. Chasing Shadows