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Kai Hansen, Gamma Ray towards Metal music

In 1984, the record label Noise decided to invite a new band to record two songs for a compilation album called "Death Metal". The songs were "Metal Invaders" and "Oernst of Life" and the band that had just changed their name from Iron Fist was none other than Helloween, a band founded by Kai Hansen and Piet Silck (Iron Savior).

We all know what Helloween has done and of their great legacy. We also know that they could never match the work done while Kai Hansen was in the band. Kai Hansen, who after the successful albums 'Keepers of the 7 Keys' decided to leave the band to form Gamma Ray (with Ralf Scheepers on vocals), and go on with the vision that he had to develop his own style of music,

debuting with the unforgettable album "Heading for Tomorrow", back in 1990.

Thus, after two more albums and after the departure of Ralf, Kai decides to sing once again, and releases one of the best and most acclaimed albums of his career, "Land of the Free". Then, he released the terrific concept album "Somewhere Out in Space", and later the spectacular album "Powerplant", in which he pays tribute to all his musical influences.

Basic discography:

Heading For Tomorrow (1990)

Sigh No More (1991)

Insanity And Genius (1993)

Land Of The Free (1995)

Somewhere Out In Space (1997)

Power Plant (1999)

No World Order (2001)

Majestic (2005)

Land Of The Free II (2007)

To The Metal (2010)