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Michael is admirable, since he dominates the treble singing in a phenomenal way, and takes us to another level in terms of our knowledge about singing. Proof of this “Twilight Of The Gods”, pay attention to the part after the chorus with these operatic voices, not to mention the sound of the drums, good bass lines, great solo. What else can you ask for?

The fifth track is a song entitled "A Tale That Wasn’t Right", a well done song with a great guitar solo inspired by Weikath.

After the calm of the ballad comes one of the hymns of Power Metal, "Future World", a song with the happy melodies that are unique to Helloween: let's say, in each one of their albums there is at least one song like it.

This album sold 250,000 albums in the first few weeks of its release, just in England and Germany, despite having songs such as "Halloween'", an unusual song at the time since it had a duration of 13 minutes, approximately. But it is precisely one of the best tracks on the album, an academic song in all aspects, with monstrous backing vocals, rhythm changes, and surprisingly you don't get tired of listening to it.

And we close with "Follow The Sign", a short track that works as an outro where Kai is the absolute protagonist, since he speaks the background voice and plays the guitar, which has some kind of Egyptian sound.

As we can see, "Keepers of the Seven Keys: Part I" is one of those albums that marked an era and with its second part (pending) even today many groups take references of this album and consider it the bible of Power Metal. So, if you have a chance to listen to it, then do it, you will not regreat.