Rock & Metal World - Page 35

Gradually the news about the upcoming album arrived, such as that the producers would be Tommy Newton and Tommy Hansen, and even the name was revealed: "Keepers of the Seven Keys: Part I."

When the album finally came out, all doubts were clarified: "Keepers..." had the foundation of the previous record, and the doubts that existed about Kiske became a surprise when listening to his voice, a mixture of Geoff Tate with Dickinson (although he hates these kind of comparisons, but it is inevitable), and with this album they came to perfection, even the press named them the new Queen, Rush and Iron Maiden.

With this album, Helloween was not "a dime a dozen", actually, they were considered a role model in the metal scene. In fact, at the time there was not an exact label for this type of music -that magical genre and exploited from time to time-, known as Power Metal nowadays, being this the album where that music genre was defined.

But let's find out why this album was a revelation at the time.

The album opens with "Initiation", a brief introduction somewhat relaxing, but of epic character that reminds us of the introduction of the "Walls of Jericho" album, as a warning of what is approaching. The next song, "I'm Alive" is a bombastic song: The direct and yet sublime chorus with great guitar solos are very melodic.

Next is "A Little Time", a very good song with Kiske doing a good job in the parts of the pre-chorus. As a curiosity, the song was written long ago by him and it's a little different from the original version.