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The Trunk of the Classics

The Trunk of the Classics is a space dedicated to analyze some albums that differ from others, those recordings that changed the way we understand music. In each issue of the magazine a different disc with curious notes will be presented, as well as the analysis of each song that comprises the album. We present the first classic immediately:

The 1980s, the glorious golden age of metal. Imagine this time: the heavy scene in perfect condition, where thrash metal bands like Metallica or Megadeth began to reign, while other consolidated groups as Maiden and Judas Priest gave us great album after great album, and then a band from Hamburg (Germany) named Helloween was starting to get some recognition in the musical scene, based on great compositions.

But here’s the spiel: Halloween, the band originally integrated by Kai Hansen on vocals and lead guitar, Michael Weikath on rhythm guitar (the geniuses behind the band) Marcus Grosskopf on bass and Ingo Schwichtenberg on drums, began with a self-titled mini LP. Then they released their first album "Walls of Jericho", an excellent album that opened the doors to a new audience, and was the reason to create expectations on their next disc.

When the band announced their second album, the first shock came when people learned that Kai would not be the singer anymore (and he would become the lead guitarist), while the singer was going to be an 18-year-old boy named Michael Kiske. In fact, there were doubts regarding this, since the fans wanted to know how good was the new vocalist and Hansen wasn't that bad after all.