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Tarja has updated her fans from the blog of WLB the entire work process of the album, showing pictures and describing everything she does. In one of the posts mentioned that all the work is being recorded by Same-Eyes, leaving us with the hope of an upcoming DVD and see all this hard work in video.

In the first post of the blog, Tarja released the lyrics of a song, detailing the following: "The process of my second album began in June 2008. Among the first songs that my friends and I wrote at the time, was born a character named "Naiad." The fantasy story of Naiad gave me the idea for the title of the album and also the concept for the entire album: What Lies Beneath." Apparently, this is the most important song of the album.

There is no doubt that Tarja has not done wrong things. There were people who said that she would not succeed as a solo artist, but you see, Tarja is not only beautiful and glamorous as some say, but a great talent that is in the prime of her career.

I only want to wish her the best of luck in her new album, I know it will be one of the best in 2010, and also will be the best year for Tarja.

I also want to make the invitation to the project "The Book of Tarja", which is to send all your feelings and what you want to tell to Tarja, to the email address, then write a book and give it to her. Any person can send and all will be well received.