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John Petrucci, excellent guitarist, incredible solos, incredible way to interpret, with great force and feeling, he interacted very little with the public, but it was a pleasure to hear his magnificence.

And finally James La Brie, trying to be to the height of her companions, and interacting extensively with the people.

The sound, unfortunately, as usual, was regular: a lot of distortion in some moments, and the sound of the guitar was low in other moments.

Bigelf was the support, a band that reminds of the Woodstock era, but they were able to handle the audience with their psychedelic hard rock, Sabbath-style with very good performances, and although they were not known to us, they were very highly acclaimed.

Finally, I must say that the 5000 people who attended that concert in the Monumental Stadium were able to appreciate an amazing show, with over 2 hours of great music.

Setlist, Lima March 22nd, 2010:

1- A nightmare to remember

2- Rite to passage

3- Hollow years

4- Constant motion

5- Erotomania

6- Voices

7- The spirit carries on

8- As I am

9- Pull me under / Metropolis Pt. 1


10- Peruvian Skies

11- The Count of Tuscany

Video highlights of the Dream Theater concert held in Lima, Peru