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Right away there was a solo performed by Jordan Rudess and his mobile keyboard, then they moved to the instrumental song "Erotomania" (perhaps the weakest part of the concert), but they immediately recovered again with "Voices", to bring back the melancholy with "The Spirit Carries On."

The next song was “As I Am”. Then when they started playing their most popular song “Pull Me Under”, they took the audience into ecstasy, and in the middle of it a musical duel among Petrucci and Rudess began. Guitar and keyboards faced in a hypnotic encounter that left everyone in show, putting then final point to this first part of the show with "Metropolis Pt1", to withdraw right before the Encore.

With the yells of "Peruvian Skies", "Peruvian Skies", they returned to offer us the greater surprise of the night and culminated the concert upon interpreting "Peruvian Skies" -a song inspired in not very pleasing facts developed in Peru-, but that was sung in unison by all the audience, closing the night finally and brilliantly with "The Count of Tuscany".

What leaves me the concert as a corollary? First, the enormous musical and interpretative quality of these musicians and about the show itself: The baton of the show is carried by the charismatic Jordan Rudess and Mike Portnoy (and his huge triple bass drum), they were very sincere and dedicated to the public.

John Myung was involved in his own subject, mostly without interacting with the public, but with a solvent and great command of his 6-string bass.