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He was also so great to work with, very much interested in bringing my musical and lyrical ideas to the song. (and I still need to get him footage of my recording session and a video hello! Eep! Soon soon, I’m in between computers right now). Anyway, it was the first time I participated in a project like this but not the first time I’ve guested on an album.

We did everything through the internet and it worked out just fine! I hope everyone is happy with the end result and that all the listeners enjoy the song. I was about 9 months pregnant when I worked on it! Lol!

Thanks for the interview Melissa, we really appreciate you and we love your voice, these questions were asked by several fans with total love from you, thank you for answering. Any final words you want to add to all your fans who follow you on the magazine, the blog and in the world.

Oh wow, well I have total love for everyone too and thank you for the thoughtful questions! If anyone has any follow up questions, they can always contact me directly through myspace and facebook (they are actually my profiles.).

Hope you keep watching for the upcoming Beto album and Echoterra albums! I’m always interested to hear your honest thoughts and ideas for me. Thank you everyone! You all rock!

Special thanks to all our good friends who participated with their good questions: Alfredo Mambié, TriviumGirl, Panda, Andrés Tapia, Dobbytem, Escapist, Waltz, and Sergoth.