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I like to think that symph metal fans are some of the most educated listeners and it makes us as musicians challenged to make great music.

The only way for it to become popular is for either the masses of people to become smarter appreciators of music or for us to dumb down the sound. I don’t think either is a good solution.

We have our bassist who will definitely sing another song or two with me, but thats as far as the discussion has gone.

JIm asks: What's it like being a mother? How is this new experience for you?

Jim, it is absolutely life changing. It was rough at first...I basically went from one type of life to a dramatically different type of life. I wont lie, it was hard. But it is what I wanted and now, I’m discovering a whole new side of myself I didn’t know existed and I like this new me a lot!

Its also changing how I sing, how I approach music and is helping me figure out what is most authentic to me. Carmen is the most precious thing in my world...I didn’t know love could feel like this.

JIm asks: How well did you join the band Echoterra?, Are you currently writing songs for a new album, and if so, how soon can we expect a new release? And what can we expect from Melissa this 2010?

Well, all the guys in the band are of a similar place in their, home-owners, steady jobs - touring is out of the picture because of life and most of us are in Minnesota! (What a treat to have my band live in driving distance!) But music isn’t out of our lives and we are having fun doing it.

We have 12 songs sketched out, 3 in pre-production and starting on our 4th. I would say probably more toward the later end of 2010.

Alfredo Mambié and JIm ask: We know for a fact that you participate in the new album by Beto Vazquez Infinity, how was your experience with this talented and great musician? Is this the first time that you participate in a project like this? Tell us how the process goes on.

Beto is awesome! I had heard his music before and really liked his idea of all guest musicians. It adds such a unique flair to the music to have a bevy of musicians per song.