Rock & Metal World - Page 19

Panda asks: After having a successful career in various bands as Aesma Daeva and Visions of Atlantis, have you ever thought about publishing a solo album? If so, what style would it be? Operatic and orchestral Maybe? How do you feel about the collaborations you've created in Adyta? And what growth you see with your new band Echoterra? Over the next album are you planning to invite some vocalists who you appreciate and you wish to collaborate in Echoterra?

Wow, lots of questions Panda! First, yes, I do want to put together a hybrid aria album (arias set to different types of music, not just metal but techno, world, etc too), timing just hasn’t been right for it yet.

I need the right collaborators on it. I need the time to do it. Right now I have neither, but someday I will. It will most likely not include an orchestra...they are WAY TOO expensive. But I hope to include some of my other opera buddies on it.

I had a ton of fun with Adyta! He is a master at what he does and so young! He will have a great career, he just needs to find musicians around him that he can work with in a live capacity.

I was only a studio musician with Adyta. If we lived closer, I would definitely jump on board permanently.

The next album for Echoterra, I’m not sure if we will invite other singers. It will only be the 2nd album, my first full length with them.

We have our bassist who will definitely sing another song or two with me, but thats as far as the discussion has gone.

Dobbytem asks: There are many people who do not know this style of music, as we are passionate about, such as symphonic metal, power metal or gothic metal. What can be done for making this music known by more people?

Dobbytem, I just don’t know what we could do. Unfortunately, some bands answer to that is to popularize the sound of their music. I think that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. But honestly, I don’t think it is such a bad thing that symphonic metal is appreciated by a smaller group.