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Bands I would love to guest with or work, there are so many but the ones that immediately come to mind would be Tyr, Trail of Tears, and to throw a curveball in there, Indigo Girls.

Escapist asks: Congratulations for your work, tell us, do you consider yourself sexy? Do you think that you're a good example for the youth of the world?

Hi Escapist! Aw thanks! Haha, NO, I’m so far from sexy. Truly. I’m honestly a really lazy person...when I get home from work or a gig, the makeup comes off, hair tied back and comfy clothes come on.

On stage, I channel a certain part of me that could be considered higher-maintenance, but the rest of the time, I’m just a simple girl.

As far as being a good example, gosh I don’t know. I hope so in some way, but I’m not perfect either.

I hope I can be an example in that I believe a strong work ethic and embracing who you are and your own dreams is what it takes to discover success in your life.

If there is anything I’ve learned on my journey, its that no one is going to realize your dreams for you.

You have to work for everything and make smart decisions. And if you trip along the way and fall, pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. Lord knows, I’ve done that MANY times.

I guess if I can be an example in some way, I would hope someone would learn that it takes a lot of hard work and struggling to achieve your dreams. For me, fame was never a dream. I could honestly care less.

What I was (am still) looking for is to be considered an accomplished artist. Anyone can sing, but an artist is someone who BECOMES the music. I’m sure I will look for this forever and may or may not find it.

It will always take consuming amounts of work, but its my dream and only I can make that happen for me.

You do not have to have a charmed life or live in a certain place or be from a certain ethnic background to obtain your goals. You have to have a strong work ethic and believe in YOU.