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D’Oreste is more the powerful, insane victim. Since the Machine’s character is the powerful dictatorial leader speaking from a podium, like Eva Peron (I channelled this person because of the passionate oratory needed for this character). Honestly, I love powerful songs like that, but I don’t think I have the voice to pull it off. Lori Lewis does it WAY better than me. I love hearing that song on her voice.

When I interpret every song I sing, it is NECESSARY to get psychological with it, take it in thoroughly, let it overtake me. If you don’t do that work, you are cheating your audience, in my opinion.

This is the way opera singers tackle characters and its the way singers in bands should tackle every song because every song has a different character or part of your personality.

I’ve done some guest work with a black metal band and loved it. I think the two vocal dramatic extremes work really well together and would like to see it done more.

Typically with beauty/beast vox, you get a grunter and for the female, a crystalline, pure innocent voice.

What about a dramatic voice? You don’t see it all that often done well.

My time with VoA was also great, it was really fun, I still maintain friendships with the guys (well, now we are, for a time it was rocky as is to be expected).

But if I were to stay, I would be unhappy, I wasn’t in a great situation financially during my time there. I’m also not very young and wanted to work on having a family. If I was 23 years old, I would have stayed with them, but yeah. All things happen for a reason.