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At the time, the members of the band were Matt Heafy, Brent Young and Travis Smith. Corey Beaulieu toured in support of the album, and then he became a permanent member. In 2004, Paolo Gregoletto joined as the band's bassist to replace Young, right before a tour with Machine Head.

Recommended songs: "Fugue (A Revelation)", "Ember to Inferno", "My Hatred", "When All Light Dies" & "Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies".


Trivium's career took a different course once they were signed by Roadrunner Records and recorded "Ascendancy", considered as the band's 'breakthrough' album, which was released in March 2005.

However, the gig that launched Trivium onto the main metal world stage was their appearance at the Download Festival, held at Donington Park (UK).

From that moment, Trivium became one of the favorite bands by winning multiple recognitions, especially in Europe.

Recommended songs: "Rain", "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr", "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation", "Like Light to the Flies" & "Dying in Your Arms".

The Crusade

"The Crusade" (released in October 2006) meant a radical change in Trivium's sound, and they left behind the "metalcore" sound and the screams to move into a more "thrash metal" style.

Because of that, they were criticized of sounding too much like Metallica, (one of the major influences on the band). It was a musical crusade, indeed, but Trivium didn't give in, and they remained on the journey that led to their fourth and latest album, "Shogun".

Recommended songs: "Detonation", "Entrance of the Conflagration", "Anthem (We Are the Fire)", "Becoming the Dragon" & "To The Rats".