Rochester Brides & Grooms May - November 2017 Issue #51 - Page 91

R eceptions 48. Is there a room where I can put my personal things and change? 49. Are rest rooms clean? Where are they? 50. Is there enough parking? Is there a charge? Valet available? 51. Is there handicapped access? Other 52. Is security available? 53. Is there a coat check personnel? If so, is there a charge? 54. Is a microphone available for announcements? Is there a rental fee? 55. If you are planning a slide show, is a screen and projector available? Fee? 56. Is there a piano available during the reception? 57. Does the facility carry liability insurance in case a guest is hurt? 58. What are your smoking restrictions? Continued on Page 90 May - November 2017 • 89