Rochester Brides & Grooms May - November 2017 Issue #51 - Page 86

R eceptions Important Questions 1. Is my wedding date and m phot o o time available? a.c hli 2. What rooms are available c s When to hold my reception? Choosing a 3. How many people Reception can the room hold? Site 4. Is there a minimum number of guests required? 5. Is there a time limit for the room? Overtime charges? 6. What other events are scheduled on the day of my wedding? 7. Is there adequate sound proofing? 8. Will I be guaranteed the room or be switched to another? 9. Do you also facilitate ceremonies? 10. Can the site be used for an outdoor reception? 11. Is there a rental fee? What does it include or not include? 12. What wedding packages are available and what are the associated costs? 13. What are the extra charges (ie, tax, gratuity...)? 14. Can you change the menus? Is there an added cost? 15. Can you accommodate a guest with dietary restrictions? 16. Can I sample the food before making menu decisions? 17. Who will be in charge of coordinating the reception? 18. How many waitresses, waiters, bartenders will be available? Continued on Page 86 84 Rochester Brides & Grooms