Rochester Brides & Grooms May - November 2017 Issue #51 - Page 58

L imo / T ransportation Ride in Style oto by : r o s w e d d i n g s s .c o m W hen it comes to wedding day transportation, the options may seem endless, but before you feel overwhelmed (about Ask yourself one more thing!) ask yourself the following questions: the following questions • Do you want/need to rent transportation? ? • Will it be used by: - Both members of the bridal couple? - The entire bridal party? - Immediate family (parents, siblings, etc.)? • How many people will the transportation need to accommodate? c om • Will you need transportation: r i n. de n a - Before the ceremony? i or - Between the ceremony and reception? : l by - After the reception? to • Do you have a transportation budget? - If so, what is it? ph Selecting the perfect way to travel on your wedding day can be just as exciting as the important moments that will take place along the way. The right ride can help set the tone for the entire day, so consider these helpful tips as you decide what kind of “ride” is right for you! Now that you have the logistics down, let’s talk style! Continued on Page 59 56 Rochester Brides & Grooms