Rochester Brides & Grooms May - November 2017 Issue #51 - Page 53

Honeymoon Travel
Its party time! After all of the effort you put into planning your wedding you deserve to have
the best time possible on your honeymoon. The following suggestions can help ensure that you get the most out of your honeymoon.
You should start planning your honeymoon six to eight months prior to your wedding, and book your honeymoon no later than four to five months prior to your wedding day to ensure that you get the accommodations you decide upon. The earlier you can book the better, especially if you are going to be traveling during peak seasons.
There is so much to do when planning your wedding, and planning your honeymoon is another job in itself. Use your Travel Agent! These people are in the business of matching the right trips with the tastes of different people. They can take much of this burden off of your shoulders and can be your best ally.
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