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Rochester Ny wedding Dance Lessons
Dance Lessons
Your wedding day will consist of many special memories. Your first dance together will
be one of those moments you will remember and think back upon for years to come. In
addition to that special first dance together, there are some other traditions that encourage
the bride and groom to dance with their in-laws and/or wedding party. Therefore, it is
important for you to plan and prepare for those dances, especially if you do not know how
to dance.
The purpose of taking dance lessons is not to have a complicated production for your
wedding dance and is not for you to be worried and nervous when the "spotlight" is on
you during your wedding dance. The purpose of taking dance lessons is for you and your
spouse to enjoy the song you have chosen for that special first dance as a married couple.
Dance studios can teach you how to dance gracefully and confidently with each other.
The number of dances you would like to learn will determine the number of lessons you will
need. However, a few dance lessons should prepare you for your wedding day.
Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Rochester
3450 Winton Place • Rochester NY 14623
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