Rochester Brides & Grooms May - November 2017 Issue #51 - Page 33

Rochester Wedding Ceremony
Types of Wedding Ceremonies
You should discuss the type of wedding ceremony that you and
your fiancé feel most comfortable with. Some types of wedding
ceremonies are Civil, Jewish, Military, Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic, candlelight, or create your own. Some civil weddings,
for example, allow you to write the entire ceremony. Other types of
ceremonies permit you to include your favorite passages or even write your
own vows.
There are different styles of ceremonies. Verify the styles that are available to you with your
officiant (ie, formal or informal, long or short, day or night).
You should select an officiant to conduct your wedding ceremony that you feel most
comfortable working with. The officiant will be responsible for expressing your sentiments about
your marriage in a style that fits with the rest of your wedding.
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